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In charge for a new era.

Towns are growing, placing ever increasing demands on mobility, logistics, the environment and quality of life. Our answer to this is a commercial vehicle which can meet these challenges, which is powerful and efficient whilst also being able to increase safety for all road users. It also delivers sustainable solutions to the growing emissions burden in urban areas. With its fully electric drive system, the eEconic represents the logical development of the trusted Econic and is the perfect vehicle choice for your municipal operations in the urban environment.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Short journeys: waste collection vehicles drive an average of 100 km a day in town, which the eEconic can usually cover on just one battery charge.1
  • Clear route plans: having reliably scheduled depot visits makes it easy to provide the appropriate charging infrastructure.
  • Overnight charging: working in shifts allows the battery to be gently charged overnight and you can benefit from cheaper off-peak tariffs.
  • Regular stop-start traffic: electric motors not only have very good pulling-away dynamics, but also recover energy when braking, which they can use to charge the battery in a process known as recuperation.
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3D web configurator

3D web configurator

Discover the eEconic virtually! Use a wide range of possible equipment and vehicle variants to create your favourite product.

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With the eEconic we offer far more than a new drive system: we will support you throughout the process of integrating your new vehicle into your fleet. Click on the points to learn more about our eMobility services.

Mission: Zero Local Emissions.

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New technologies require new practical knowledge and know-how. To ensure that you know about all aspects of electromobility right from the start, we offer comprehensive training courses for drivers, fleet managers and workshop employees.

eTruck Service

The eEconic is always in good hands at our numerous Mercedes-Benz service partners. Specially trained employees carry out the scheduled maintenance tasks with expert ease. In addition, our mobile service teams will also come directly to you in an emergency. And our “MB Uptime” digital service makes planning workshop visits even more efficient.

Re-using batteries

The performance of batteries diminishes over the years. But we don't believe they should end up on the scrap heap. We are working on solutions that allow old batteries to be reused in a meaningful way.


We network the eEconic with Mercedes-Benz Uptime and other Fleetboard services matched to eTrucks and charging management. This allows fleet managers to manage all relevant vehicle data centrally and at any time, as well as schedule servicing and use intelligent analytics tools to spot any impending damage to the vehicle before it occurs.

Battery care

We ensure that eEconic’s battery remains powerful and has a long range. This includes careful monitoring of the state of health (SoH) of the battery. Based on these measured data, you will always be able to check the status of your battery via the MB Uptime service.

eTruck financing

A green fleet pays off – with the appropriate finance deal we will help you get off to the perfect start.This includes the financing of the vehicle and the charging infrastructure as well as warranty and maintenance packages for greater planning security. We of course also advise you with regard to current subsidies which are available to facilitate the changeover to battery-electric drives.

eTruck Consulting

Before you enter the world of electric mobility, we will provide you with in-depth consultation. Our experts will analyse your specific operational scenario and carry out a route analysis. A precise calculation of the total cost of ownership (TCO) will be carried out for each customer and compared against other drive variants. We will also help you find suitable funding.

Advice on charging infrastructure

A suitable charging infrastructure in your depot is the prerequisite for a smooth introduction to electromobility. Working with selected partners, we will help you choose the right charging station for the respective application as well as the appropriate infrastructure for your location. We will draw up specific charging scenarios for you according to your vehicle use and help you with planning and application processes. Before purchasing your eEconic you can benefit from expert advice on installing the infrastructure.

An old pro gets even better: even as it pulls away, the eEconic is more powerful than its conventionally driven counterpart because high torque is available equally across the entire engine speed range. And the electric drive has another distinguishing feature: it is significantly quieter than the combustion engine. This benefits drivers and crews as well as residents and pedestrians. There is an upgrade for the driver, too: the Multimedia Cockpit. Its clear layout and user-friendly design enhance the working experience.

At the same time, the eEconic retains all the advantages of its predecessor: it handles exceptionally well and is highly manoeuvrable even under heavy loads. Above all, its wide, heated Thermocontrol windscreen offers the best possible view of the traffic conditions and can help increase safety. All of this is supported by a large number of assistance systems. The low entrance and level cab floor make the vehicle particularly ergonomic.

Model: eEconic e300 with steered trailing axle. Wheelbase: 4000 mm; gross vehicle weight rating: 27 t

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DirectVision cab

Panoramic glazing with a coated and heated Thermocontrol windscreen for a pleasant climate in the cab and mist-free visibility

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Multimedia Cockpit

A modern intuitive colour display presents all driving data and vehicle status information with clarity

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Through-cab access

Level cab floor for easy through-cab access, allowing the driver to enter and exit on the side away from the traffic

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LED headlamps

Provide good visibility even in adverse weather conditions

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Detail Zoom image
Detail Zoom image
Detail Zoom image
Detail Zoom image
Detail Zoom image
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Axle with two electric motors

Motor output (max./cont.): 400/330 kW

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Three battery packs with a total capacity of 336 kWh2; Charging power: up to 160 kW

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The vehicle is charged with direct current (DC) and a charging power of up to 160 kW

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Electric PTO

The electric PTO supplies energy to the body. High Power electric PTO: peak: ~52 kW; cont.: ~30 kW at 50 % SoC

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Side underride guard

with integral radar sensors for Sideguard Assist, increases safety in the event of a collision and protects the batteries

Further technical information and illustrations are available in the digital product information:

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The eEconic

The eEconic

Developed for the city.

Our contribution to climate protection: Mercedes-Benz Trucks is electrifying the tried-and-tested Econic.

More information at MBS World

[1] The stated range is preliminary and was determined using an internal simulation tool assuming optimum conditions with, among other things, 3 new battery packs following pre-conditioning in a partially laden state in inner-city refuse collection operations (VECTO Municipal Cycle up to 100 km) or in mixed refuse collection operations (combined VECTO Municipal Cycle, VECTO Regional Delivery and VECTO Urban Delivery Cycle up to 150 km) at an exterior temperature of 20°C and may deviate from the values determined in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2017/2400. Among other things, the actual range is heavily dependent on driving behaviour, the operating profile and body type.
[2] Rated capacity of a new battery, based on internally defined general conditions. These can vary with the type of use and the ambient conditions.

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